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Xi'an Golt Biotech Co., Ltd.
Excellent product quality
All the products have obtained ISO quality certification. The quality of the products is fully in line with the standards issued by the state. Only after passing the strict test of the third party testing department can they leave the factory.
Many and comprehensive product categories, support small batches of many batches of purchase, fast delivery cycle. Products will be shipped out in 24 hours once payment done. 100% safe delivery!
Fast and safe shipping
When faced with quality or delivery problems, our team listens attentively and resolves them quickly, taking the customer's interests as our own and fully understanding and meeting the customer's needs as our first priority.
Complete after-sales service

——   Our Advantage  ——

GOLT BIOTECH CO., LTD. is a professional company engaged in the research, production and sale of API and research chemical, organic intermediates, Plant Extracts. Since the planning and design since 2011, the company established its own independent R & D team, and with the local colleges and universities and research institutions have close relations of cooperation In strict accordance with the GMP standard requirements of production safety, the company is committed to maintaining the natural nature of raw materials, raw materials to reduce heavy metals and pesticide residues and other issues. Raw materials are strictly controlled in all aspects to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, high-quality service and safe and effective transportation.Force in the pursuit of providing customers with reliable quality of innovative products and services.......

Customize service available
We can do customize service of Capsules, Tablets as clients' requests.
Capsules  Tablets OEM

——   Factory  ——
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